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that captivate children of all ages and help them grow in a vibrant relationship with Jesus.  

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I received the book, "Mr. How Do You do" learns to pray as a gift and how thankful I am!  


I read it to my five year old son, Parker, and at the end of the book there was a page on how to pray with your child to accept Jesus into your heart. 


I led him in a prayer and he excitedly accepted Jesus into his heart.  


This is what my son, Parker, has to say:

"I loved getting Jesus coming in my heart. I liked it very much. This book lets you know what to say to let Jesus in your heart! Other kids would like this book because it can help them pray."  --Parker W.



I just finished reading your book to my twin 6 yr old grandsons at bedtime & one said, "this is just the best book you've ever read to us." He said, "please read this every week to us."  So precious & what a great book! The hardcopy is on its way for the baby shower. Thanks again for signing it!  --Millie

How intricate to us, but to God yet simple this world we live in. We are uniquely and wonderfully made. This book challenges those of all ages to stop and take a breath- to see the world around us. It only took six days for God to create this world, but within those six days, God put everything together. It would take a lifetime for us to truly examine and appreciate all if His handiwork. Everyday should be a reminder of just how much Jesus loves me and you. --Jessica B, San Antonio, TX"

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Mr. How Do You Do


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Introducing the...

Mr. How Do You Do

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Captivating Children, Parents & Grandparents Everywhere... 

“One of Jesus’s disciples said to Him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray . . .’ This book shows how praying can be taught to even the youngest of disciples!”


—Rick F. Scarborough, ME

Parents, grandparents, and extended family members now have a practical and pragmatic tool to teach their children how to pray. 

—Pam Jarvis, LTI Prayer Coordinator, Birmingham, AL

“Bravo! A beautiful invitation to prayer that draws hearts, young and old, into the Father’s presence.”

—Chris Carter, Memphis, TN