Let's Get Tiny-Winy (small that is!)  Order you set of Tiny-Winy Mr. How Do You Do books now! 

Tiny-Winy-Me!  That's right--When you go Tiny-Winy you get the same great Mr. How Do You Do content as with the beloved 8.5x11 size....

but they are Tiny-Winy (small that is!).  


Each Tiny-Windy book is only 3"x4" and KIDS LOVE THEM!

Your children will be facinated and busy reading these Tiny-Winy books for hours.

And they fit nicely in any child's hand or pocket or lunch box too.


Read to them using the beloved 8.5x11 book and then let them take the Tiny-Winy book whereever they go!


Tiny-Winy books can be ordered individually or in sets!

Get the whole Mr. How Do You Do series in the palm of your hand!